Community Responsibility

  • The use of child labor and forced labor is prohibited and any supplier or subcontractor that uses child labor or forced labor is not accepted.
  • The freedom of workers shall be respected and any form of forced labor shall be prohibited.
  • Provide safe and healthy working and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of employees.
  • Promote labor-management cooperation and respect employees’ freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.
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  • Provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of discrimination.
  • Provide reasonable wage benefits that meet at least the basic needs of workers and minimum wage standards.
  • Comply with applicable environmental management ordinances, regulations and standards, as well as local environmental practices.
  • Factory safety procedures will be maintained to prevent unauthorized cargo from being mixed into shipments (e.g. drugs, dangerous goods or explosives, biological and other contraband).
  • We pay attention to the reasonable demands of surrounding communities, and minimize noise, light, dust and other pollution during production, so as not to disturb people.
  • We care for the livelihood, medical care and education of the surrounding communities and provide assistance within our capacity
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