Environmental Protection

All necessary environmental permits, approval documents and registration certificates should be obtained and maintained up to date, as well as comply with the operating and reporting requirements of the permits.

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Chemicals and other substances released into the environment that pose a hazard should be identified and controlled to ensure that they are safely handled, transported, stored, used, recycled or reused and disposed of.

Waste water and solid waste from operations, industrial processing and health facilities should be classified, monitored, controlled and treated as required prior to discharge or disposal.

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Volatile organic chemicals, aerosols, particulates, ozone chemical consumables and combustion by-products, wind and air emissions generated in the course of operations, shall be identified, monitored, controlled and disposed of as required prior to discharge.

The Company shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements regarding prohibitions or restrictions on specific substances, including labeling related to regeneration and disposal.

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Energy conservation and emissions reduction

The company shall reduce and eliminate all types of consumption (including water, electricity, natural gas and paper) at source or through practices such as improved production, maintenance of facility processes, material replacement, conservation of natural resources, material recovery and reuse。

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The company should continuously introduce new technologies and products in energy saving, material saving and land saving.

Companies should increase the proportion of green energy and new energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve a low-carbon economy.

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The company should improve equipment efficiency, reduce product energy consumption, implement dynamic energy saving, and reduce travel traffic.

The company should promote packaging standardization to achieve visual green packaging and logistics.

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